Monday, October 29, 2012

High Deductible Plans Not Good News

As more and more companies are moving to high deductible health plans, I have just one question: How are they not discriminatory against people who actually NEED health care?

I get that their intent is to make people decide against "unneeded" care or to shop around to get the cheapest care (as if that is possible; the information to do this is just not available). But all things are not equal on the health care needs front.

There are people who will never need to use the system; others will have to have treatment or tests or medicine and will be faced with a huge deductible--$10,000 or more before partial coverage will kick in.

If you have a family, I can't imagine these plans are a good gamble even if everyone is in fine health. If one or more members actually has health care needs, it's a huge blow to the bottom line--for not just one year but for every year.

I can't see how this is anything else except moving in a very bad direction.

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