Friday, April 12, 2013

An Easy One

Have you noticed all the articles debating if you should take social security at 62 or wait until your "full retirement age?"

There are a lot of them. And the most interesting reading always comes from the reader comments that follow the article.

Folks are outspoken about taking the money the moment they can, before they die early or it all disappears because of government mismanagement.

Other folks are equally outspoken about waiting and getting an 8 percent return on their investment for each year of doing so.

Then there are those who trot out mathematical equations and probability tables to show that people might have to live to 80 to break even if they do wait over taking the money right away. And others who use the tools to show that if you've made it to 65, you'll likely live into and possibly past your 80s, so you'll want a bigger check to last the long haul.

It's clearly a big deal for a lot of people, and something more and more people are thinking about.

As someone who has had breast cancer, I feel that I get to avoid complicated analysis on this one, for which I am relieved.

Should I be lucky enough to make it to 62, I will take it the first day I can. And I'll be happy for every month's check I get to cash.

Not such a hard decision. I wish others were so easy.

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