Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Be Alarmed Enough to Save Your Own Life

This article reports that cases of advanced breast cancer in women younger than 40 are increasing slightly. The article mentions that it's still rare--a one in 173 chance--to get the disease younger than 40. It also states that women younger than 40 don't get screened for the disease. And it states that bc in young women grows fast.

Yet, everyone interviewed is overlooking these three points as possible reasons why this is happening.

Namely, no one expects it to happen to them,

no one's looking for it

and it grows like gangbusters.

A perfect storm.

Look at the one woman's experience. She found her breast cancer when it had spread to her lungs, which shocked her.

Of course it did. Many are the times I've wondered how many months, or days, I missed a stage IV diagnosis by.

It was close, I am sure.

I'm not surprised many other young women aren't so lucky, because luck has everything to do with it since we aren't taking any further precautions.

Don't be alarmed, the doctor in the article says.

I'm not so sure about that advice.

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