Friday, March 1, 2013

We Compare

This is how it is with cancer. You've never heard of someone before, and then you read they had breast cancer that came back for a second time. Suddenly, you could not be more interested in them, whoever they are.

In this case--and there are far too many cases--Anastacia, who appears to be a singer, is the woman experiencing this terrible thing. This thing I most dread for myself.

I do not read these articles, I consume them. But I never find enough information to satisfy my only question: "Is this me, someday?"

Not all cancers are the same; it could be that no two will ever act the same, so comparing might be pure folly. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to know--

How old was she when she got it the first time?

How many years before it came back?

What was the estrogen and progesterone status?

Was it Her2+

How large was the tumor the first time?

How large was this one?

Was there only one each time, or more?

What stage was she the first time?

What stage is she this time--is this a local recurrence or a stage IV diagnosis?

If it's stage IV, to where did it spread?

Did she get chemo the first time?

What kind of chemo did she get?

What kind of surgery did she have?

Did she have radiation?

How did she find the recurrence?

Clearly, way more information than you'll find in any news story and more than any person should feel they have to announce.

But it's the information I want, and I will compare her case with mine. That's just the way it is.

I wish her luck. I wish us all luck.

Cure NOW!!!!!! 

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